Achievable 30 day fitness challenge

We will talk about 30 day fitness challenge in a moment, but before that let's see why it is important to you

I have written number of articles about how bad sugar is for the human body. But that just isn't enough awareness in India.

Sugar can kill you

About this fact you know every time family's out for dinner they always order dessert or they always go to an ice cream parlor after the dinner like it's a very normal thing or even at home after having a heavy meal family will serve chocolates for everyone.

Now, this small act of you has that little bit of sugar after your meal is actually making people a lot unhealthier than they are. It's making people fat and eventually, it's going to lead to a lot of long term health problems.

Sugar has been scientifically proven to be an addictive thing. Your brain reacts to it the same way it reacts to cocaine. So it can actually be compared to snorting a line of cocaine but the worst part about this is that parents are very very casual about this fact they'll still feed the children pastries and chocolates and unknowingly they're actually making their own children addicts of sugar most overweight and unhealthy.

Sugar is same as cocaine

People that I know personally have a major closeness for desserts. You know you go to any slightly overweight person and you'll always see more than the fried food it's always the carbohydrates in the desserts which are actually making them fat.

Whenever they're hungry instead of filling the stomach with the normal high nutritional food they look for desserts and they probably fill it with that. Every single day you are having something sweet.

Now if you're one of those people don't tell me that you can't kill your own sweet tooth because that's a scientifically wrong statement.

If you know how to play the game right you can actually kill your own sweet tooth for life.

To kill your sweet tooth correctly we come up with a technique named "Periodic Restriction"

Play the game right

In this, we will isolate ourselves for a certain time period from things or drugs.

The drug can be anything it can be heroin, marijuana, cocaine or even the worst of all drugs sugar.

Yes, sugar is the worst of all drugs because it's that easily available. Any ten-year-old can go to the general store paid ten bucks for a packet of biscuits consume that sugar, get an closeness toward sugar and eventually become an addict.

Now, this addiction leads to a number of health problems later in life that is why I feel Periodic Restriction is a necessity to overcome sugar addiction.

Let's see, 30 day fitness challenge

Coming back to the 30 day fitness challenge that we are setting for you.

In this article, we're going to be talking about the 30-day sugar-free challenge.

Now I am going to challenge you to restrict yourselves from sugar for 30 days.

30 days that's it.

30 day fitness challenge

So no sugar, no desserts, no honey, no jaggery, no alcohol and yes even no fruits the whole point of quarantine does not have even the slightest amount of sugar. Fruits definitely have sugars.

What you want to be doing is isolating yourself completely from all sugars. So there shouldn't even be a little bit of sweet taste in your own mouth.

Now drug addict's brain is actually wired to like that particular drug. Every time they consume it they get a rush of happiness.

The same thing happens with sugar your brain is currently wired to that sugar.

So every time you're consuming it you're feeling really happy it's exactly like being a drug addict.

But what 30 days of Periodic Restriction do is that it rewires your brain.

So any drug addict who goes through Periodic Restriction for 30 days actually rewires their own brain and begins to dislike that same drug they basically see their own brain from a third person's point of view.

That's what I want to achieve with this 30 day fitness challenge. I want all of you to see how bad sugar is for yourselves in the 30 days of doing this challenge.

Your body is going to undergo a lot of changes the biggest of which is weight loss.

You will undergo at least three to eight kgs of weight loss depending on how much exercise you do along with the diet but this 30 day fitness challenge isn't related to exercise it's purely a diet challenge this is a challenge open to anyone.

It's a weight loss challenge whether price is giving your sweet tooth or life and a guaranteed weight loss of 3 to 8 kgs so who doesn't want that I challenge everybody doesn't matter if you're fat you're skinny you're tall you're short you're a man you're a woman take up this 30 day fitness challenge and I guarantee you besides the weight loss part obviously you see a lot of other benefits.

Now I know 30 days without sugar can be really hard for some people but that's why I'm introducing the concept of cheating in these 30 days.

I'm not one of those people who recommend sweeteners because they're not actually natural the chemically made and then not great for your body but only if you're craving sugar like crazy for these 30 days whenever your cravings unbeatable you can consume just a bit of sweetener with whatever you want to have

Out of all the sweeteners available in the market I recommend, stevia which is naturally derived from a plant and it has very very low sugar.

How to join 30 day fitness challenge

So if you do want to be a part of this 30 day fitness make sure you join our Facebook group

There you can find and initiate the 30 day fitness challenge. You have to make an Instagram post with hashtag #30daysugarfreechallenge and tag us @fitnationplus so this post can be anything it can be a gym selfie it can be a regular selfie or it can even be one of those foods that you've eaten to overcome a craving.

To know more about foods to help you overcome cravings, go and see this article on how to beat sugar cravings.

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