Beginner's guide: best things to do before and after workout

It is critical to remember couple of things while working out and after an exercise. Therefore I am come up with this beginner's guide to help you.

Beginner's guide: the don'ts before workout

Beginner's guide: the don'ts before workout

Never increment the load by excessively

I have seen individuals who need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger on the absolute first day, it isn't at good, dependably increment the load progressively, as this will enable you to build strength and avoid injuries.

Beginner's guide: Increase weight strategically

Try not to swallow water

I have seen individuals completing one set and afterward swallowing water, presently this system isn't at good, dependably drink the water in little amounts.

Beginner's guide: Sip small amount of water

Never overtrain

Some people want to have it all in one day, they will do chest, biceps and triceps all in one day, now this is not at all advisable, rest is as important as workout. So have patience and workout in limited quantity if you want to go for longer.

Proper planning of your workout will avoid your overtraining.

Don't overtrain

Not taking rest between exercise

Continuously take appropriate rest between two sets of an exercise, doing it right at that point doing it quick will give you results.

Take a rest between sets

Taking adequate sleep is most important to your fitness

Not keeping the correct structure

There are rules everywhere and so are in the gym, there is a technique on how to lift weights, and you should follow that if you want better results and avoid injuries
Using Phone: Most of the youngster keeps their phone with them while doing the workout. Let me ask you a question why don’t you spend your 1 to 2 hours of your day without Facebook and Twitter. If you want a fit and healthy body, then one thing keep in your mind while you doing the workout you have to keep your phone away for the whole time during the workout.

Do workout with proper form and technique


It is fun doing the workout with your friends, you will get help and you also enjoy your workout. But always keep in mind while you doing workout with your friend, then less talking and more workout. Don’t interrupt your workout for the stupid talks about the basketball game and about which supplement is better after the workout.

Do not talk during workout


In fitness club there are many people who visit and most of the times some machines and equipment are busy, so don’t stand in front of the machine and waiting for your turn If a machine is busy and you want to do a workout, then start another exercise instead of waiting for 10 minutes and lose your pump and focus.

No waiting

No spotter

If you are doing the workout alone, then always ask one of the gym members to watch out while you doing the exercise. The exercise like bench press, squats, and leg press will require the spot, especially while you are doing the heavy weight lifting training in the gym. If you don’t tell anyone to watch out, then you must face the injury or other dangerous accidents during the workout.

This is one of the reason why you need a personal trainer.

This is why you need a personal trainer

Beginner's guide: don't after exercise

Beginner's guide: don't after exercise

Never leave the gym without stretching
Stretching is really important for your body, you have worked so hard, now you just need to relax your muscles, so that you can come for the next day..

Try not to eat garbage after exercise

I have seen individuals eating, vadapaw and noodles. This where you need to comprehend that exercise contributes just 20% in wellness and the eating regimen assumes 80% job, so eat well.

Don't eat junk food

Skip the treadmill post-workout

I see it so often, guys hit the treadmill immediately post workout. Not sure why, but a lot of people do it.
Remember: Cortisol levels are spiked after an intense workout.

No cardio after workout


Hygiene is the most important thing which you consider in public.

Consider this a public service announcement: THE GYM HAS TONS OF GERMS, BACTERIA, and VIRUSES…EVERYWHERE. So the longer you wait to get “The Gym” off of you, the more you’re letting these things linger on your body. So as soon as you finish your workout go take a shower. Does the term “Hit the showers!” ring a bell? It should, and that’s why. By the way, you don’t want your sweat sitting on your body for that long anyway.

This point is not only for beginner's guide but also for advanced also.

Personal hygiene is important

On that note, don’t take a cold shower immediately, cold showers seal up pores…including all of the sweat and other bad stuff mentioned (causing pimples and other stuff you don’t want). So, first take a warm shower while you soap up, and then finish things off with a nice cold shower!
Neglecting to Cool Down: The last thing you might need to do after a five-mile keep running on the treadmill is walk for an additional five minutes, yet taking the time to let down your heart rate and blood pressure return to normal state and prevents venous pooling (the development of blood in the veins). In addition, it feels pleasant

Not Eating

Not eating properly

Now, we don't mean you ought to hit up the Golden Arches on the way home. Yet, it's important to have a snack — one that elements protein — within a hour of your workout. Your body needs the energy to repair and refuel itself.

You have to have to eat nutritious food

Skipping Sleep:

It's fundamental to get a fair night's rest after a genuine exercise, since that is the time when your body begins to repair and create solid muscles. Continue, hit the sack.

No adequate sleep

Reaching for a Sports Drink:

They're showcased as the ideal post-workout drink, sports drinks pack an excessive amount of sugar and calories to be effective. Stay with general water, or include a sprinkle of coconut water in case you're truly stressed over electrolytes.

Useless sports drinks

Contacting Your Face

Hands off! Scouring your eyes or contacting your face after an exercise can spread tiny life forms, since gym center aren't commonly the cleanest of spots. Wash your hands, wipe your face with a towel and wipe down machines after you're done with them.

Do not touch your face

As this is the beginner's guide I have to mention following point.

Not Recording Your Progress

Keeping track of your workout is the most ideal approach to screen your progress, help you gage where you're leveling and keep you motivate. If you did 20 pushups a month ago, that implies you can do 25 this month! If you would prefer not to utilize pen and paper, there are a huge amount of extraordinary applications available.

Beginner's guide: Record your progress

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