7 ultimate Benefits of boxing as fitness training

Boxing trains the whole body

The boxing training strengthens almost all your muscle groups and helps you to get more body tension. Hardly any other sport trains coordination, strength and endurance to such a high degree at the same time. Boxing isn't just about your arms.

A strong punch also requires shoulder and trunk muscles. Since you also have to constantly dodge strikes, it is important to work your legs quickly. The longer you train, the faster your reflexes will be.

Boxing helps you to lose weight

If your goal is to melt pounds during exercise, boxing is the ideal workout for fitness training. Boxing is a form of interval training. A round in a boxing match lasts three minutes, followed by a minute break.

Tip: You can check out sites like FighterCulture for more tips about boxing.

Even when training alone or with a partner, a break always follows a high-intensity load. When you change intensities, you burn a lot of calories. In an hour this is at least as many as jogging, about 500 calories. You also burn a lot of energy after training.

7 ultimate Benefits of boxing as fitness training 1

Boxing trains the mind

Boxing isn't just a banging. You must be able to concentrate and anticipate your opponent's attacks. Regular training teaches you how to be tactical, focus and mentally engage with your opponent.

Boxing training trains your ability to hold out for a long time even in demanding situations. You learn how to take it and still keep going.

Helps to reduce stress

When boxing you can leave out your stress or accumulated anger on the sandbag. In a short period of time you will be able to soothe your emotions and feel free and relaxed. People who box regularly report that they are more relaxed at work.

So you have the good feeling that nothing "knocks you down" so quickly anymore.

7 ultimate Benefits of boxing as fitness training 2

Makes you self-confident

A nice side effect of boxing is that you become more quick-witted all around. Because you reach your physical and mental limits during your workout, you gradually gain more confidence in your body's abilities.

Because you have the feeling that you can theoretically defend yourself physically, you also feel safer in everyday life. Boxing also trains your assertiveness and strengthens your appearance.

Everybody can learn boxing

If you want to do boxing as a fitness workout, you only need one thing: pleasure. Otherwise you don't have to bring any prerequisites. Regardless of your gender, age or training level, you can start boxing at any time.

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This is not only due to the fast training results, but also to the psychological aspects. But if you want to keep up with it, you should bring a certain amount of discipline with you.

7 ultimate Benefits of boxing as fitness training 3

You can do it everywhere

Depending on your preference, you can box as a fitness workout either in the club, in the gym or at home. Most boxing clubs not only appeal to professional athletes, but also offer special boxing training for beginners.

The advantage in a club is that you usually have a professional boxing coach with years of experience at your side.

He can guide you optimally and give you tips on how to improve yourself. In a club you can also try out the skills you have learned in the ring during "sparring", a training match. In many larger fitness studios, boxing is also offered as fitness training in courses.

All important strikes and movements are practiced there and combined with endurance training, such as rope jumping. But you can't climb into the ring there.

Of course you can also buy a sandbag at home and train there. However, it is recommended for beginners to learn the right techniques beforehand from a professional in order to avoid injuries.

Bonus: It’s not expensive

If you only want to take part in boxing specific strength and endurance training in a club, the costs are usually manageable. Memberships in boxing clubs are often possible from 10 Euro per month.

If you want to use boxing permanently as fitness training and also want to get into the ring, you should invest in bandages, gloves, head and mouth protection. All together you can get from about 50 Euro in a specialist shop.

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