Conscious efforts leads to the success

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I am sharing one more experience from one of our client that how she gained confidence with conscious efforts

Conscious efforts leads to the success

Too Conscious!!

Back in school, I used to be a very slim girl. The one who would get very conscious at the slightest of stares from the opposite sex. One who used to try a hundred outfits before buying that perfectly fitted one. One who would count her calories at every step, because more food on the plate invited more judgment from onlookers. Because, hello! I am a girl, right?

Conscious efforts leads to the success, healthy lifestyle

That was me till my 11th, when suddenly I was - as an after effect of Adult Mumps - diagnosed with Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). For those who are not aware, this syndrome, like Diabetes can be kept under check through medicine and diet but never be cured.

And then I gained a lot of weight

It took me some time to realize the seriousness of the disorder. When I eventually did, PCOS had begun to slowly dig in. There was a sudden increase in my appetite and attraction to anything sweet. My flawless skin was slowly replaced with scaly texture and acne. The thick tresses began to thin. But the biggest ‘loss’ of them all was the sudden proclivity to uncontrolled weight gain

Conscious efforts leads to the success, unwell, sick, unhealthy, diseases

I am considered tall by Indian standards for average women (5′6″). At 12th, my weight was 52kgs. By the time I joined college, I weighed 70. But it didn’t stop there.

Strict diet won't help

With the passing years, 72kgs, 75kgs… it went on. If I followed a strict diet for 6 months, it came down to 64kgs. But if I let go for a month, the needle in the weighing machine shot back to 75.

With such a great body that responds only to food, but not to exercise, my self-esteem gradually gave away. I was always thin during my entire childhood and teen years, and thus, being “fat” was a new arrangement for me.

Then there were the Aunties! Those hawk-eyed demonesses whose sole purpose in life is to keep their unwanted opinions on young men and women in the neighbourhood. My weight gain somehow caught more attention because the transformation was sudden.

Conscious efforts leads to the success, healthy lifestyle, gossiping, chit chat, conversation

In light of all this, I grew extremely conscious of my appearance - a different kind of consciousness this time. Once a lover of well-fitted clothes, I ditched all short tops and T-shirts and embraced oversized long Kurtis to cover up the bulge. Once a lover of white, pink and beige, dark colours now ruled my wardrobe. Once a lover of high heels, I now switched to flat chappals, as the heels now hurt owing to the weight.

People lose interested in you

Simultaneously, the number of admirers and people showing interest exponentially reduced. And this slowly brought about a change in my outlook.

Earlier, I used to be conscious of stares. Conscious of who must be looking at me, thinking of me - you know the typical phase that all young adults go through. Now, I knew no one was watching. Or thinking. because, no one was interested!

Then I became free!

Conscious efforts leads to the success, healthy lifestyle, enjoy free life

I began to eat more freely without being conscious of being judged. Humans are mentally wired to expect fat people to eat more, so they would refrain from judging. I began to wear unflattering clothes with as much confidence as I would any stylish outfit. because, hey, who’s ogling, anyway? Comfortable flats have now replaced those expensive tight sandals that suffocate you till the end of the party. In short, I began to live freely.

I lived in this zone for 4 to 5 years. And while I am once again under “weight loss” program just for health maintenance, these past few years have taught me how to walk, talk, eat, dress as comfortably as one can without giving a f*ck about what others think.


Conscious efforts leads to the success, healthy lifestyle, to summarize

One thing can change your life totally that is what happened with her. Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome aka PCOS this syndrome is increasing day by day in young women. This syndrome causes sudden weight gain with irregular menstrual cycles. If this syndrome kept untreated then you can have Type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, etc.

Following diet is a part of the lifestyle you can't do on & off and get benefits. You should stay consistent with it.

The one good thing that you learned from this experience is how to ignore people and live your life to the fullest.

What I learned from this?

Conscious efforts leads to the success, healthy lifestyle, what you learned from this?

We live in society where what's happening in others life is more important to some people. These people are everywhere on Earth. They comment, troll and try to discourage us, but we should ignore them.

With conscious effort you can achieve everything.

What is that one thing that you learned from her experience?

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