5 Simple at-Home Workouts to Help Lose Weight

Weight gain is becoming a serious problem around the world. People from all over the world are facing the horrible consequences of weight gain. It is too late when we recognize the adverse effects of being overweight. This is the reason that almost every individual seeks the best methods to lose weight and help get rid of that extra body fat.

According to a study published in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was found that almost every American adult tries to lose weight every year. Life has become so fast, and no one finds enough time for the gym to do the workout. Also, not everybody can afford the expensive and time taking meal plans to lose weight. Home-based simple workouts can be a good solution to get your weight-loss journey started and help lose weight in a holistic approach.

If you want to lose weight effectively and permanently, then you have come to the right place. I have 5 Simple at-home workouts to help lose weight, so, let's get started.

1- Standing Ab Twist

It is one of the most recommended workouts at home. For this exercise, you need to stand still with a distance of about half a meter. Next, put your hands below your head without interlocking them with each other. Now lift the knee and bring your elbow close to the knee at the same time, and exhale and then inhale when you are in the first position. Now perform this with the opposite knee and opposite elbow. Do as many raps you can do within 20 seconds. You will experience a high heartbeat while performing this workout.

2- Jumping Jacks With Burpees

In this workout, you need to stand with a very small distance between the feet. Now, raise your arms and jump and spread your feet outwards at the same time. Keep in mind that you do it simultaneously. Do five reps of this exercise and now go to push up position and bend your head to do a little push-up. Bend your legs forward and come to the first position. So, all you need to do is to do five jumping jacks with one burpee and repeat for five times. This exercise is extremely beneficial for your muscles and heart.

5 Simple at-Home Workouts to Help Lose Weight 1

3- Front Squat

The front squat is another amazing exercise that targets the muscles and helps you lose weight instantly. For this workout, stand still with about half meter distance between the feet. Hold a dumbbell in both hands. Place it right in front of your chest. Do a squat while keeping the dumbbell in the same position. Stand up and do five reps of the exercise. This exercise is great for increasing your leg strength and muscle growth.

4- Pendulum

It is another effective workout. Place your left arm on the ground and take left leg slightly behind you. Now balance one right leg. When your body is balanced, bring the left hand towards the right toe. Now rise up and reach your left arm this time. After that, you need to switch sides and do ten raps.

5- Mountain Climber

It is one of the best cardio exercises you can easily perform at home. Your entire body takes part in this exercise. Place your arm on the ground and go to the push-up position. Now bring the leg forward in between the palms and do it with the other leg. When you are in the right form increase the speed as well. Keep doing for 20 seconds and engage the core. This exercise is great for increases your core strength and burning some serious calories. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing can compare to these at-home workouts that can save you time and also burn calories. It saves you money as well since you can do all of your workouts from the comfort of your home without having to pay for those monthly memberships. Your health should be a priority because there is nothing better than your personal wellness.

Not only will exercise help you lose weight or stay fit but it will also help combat against many different illnesses that can come from being overweight. If you do these exercises perfectly, along with a well structured nutritional plan, you will see unimaginable results in no time. These are some of the best exercises for weight loss. So, hurry up and start burning some calories today!

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