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How to lose 2kg in a week: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

How to lose 2kg in a week, super fast and super easily, at home without any exercise.

This article is all about the diet side of fat loss and if you’re someone who’s just here because of the title that I said how to lose 2kg in a week don’t worry I do have a solution for you. fast-forward to that part of the article.

This article is not only teach “how to lose 2kg in a week”

But you also got to understand that today’s article is your ultimate guide to fat loss, especially when we’re talking about the diet side of things.

Remember how you look and your weight depends primarily on your diet. Exercise does help you a little bit I’d say it is about 20% to 50% of your overall fat loss journey, but primarily your fat loss is dependent on your diet.

how to lose 2kg in a week: Importance of Diet and exercise

I really get to the actual do’s and don’ts when it comes to how to lose 2kg in a week dieting, but there’s two ground rules you need to know.

Rule 1

Diet and dietitians are a next level things.

All the time everyone asks me to give a diet, I would deny it, but in truth of long term fat loss isn’t about following a FIXED meal plan. fat loss is learning about food science and making better food decisions.

You also understand that you’re living in 2019

You’ve already grown up in a time when junk food and dessert and delicious food has been all around you. so if you want to know how to lose 2kg in a week successfully, you have to incorporate those factors.

how to lose 2kg in a week: fun in fitness

You can’t follow a diet unless it’s actually a fun diet to follow. If you want to lose weight in the long term you’ll only be able to stick to a plan if you’re also enjoying it along the way that’s the idea I promote with Fitnationplus your life has to be a balance of fitness and fun.

Still if you want nutrition plan fitnationplus provide free nutrition plans.

Rule 2

The key to losing weight is not the caloric theory which says “calories out need to be more than your calories in every single day up till the point that you reach your target weight”

So your target weight is 60 kg.

Till the point you reach that 60 kg mark on the weighing scale, you constantly need to create a caloric deficit every single day.

Now the thing is this principle of thermodynamics (calorie in, calories out) does not apply in the biology.

Since there are two parts where upcoming calories can go which is fat storage and calories which we use as energy. But there is one more thing which we should concern that is “Insulin”

how to lose 2kg in a week: why cico won't work?

When insulin spikes it throws all energy into fat storage. So we have to focus on reducing insulin steps. If insulin is lowered by reducing carbohydrates and we went into small caloric deficit we will see huge results.

I will suggest you to decide for yourself. Depends entirely on your mental state. Are you ready to make the sacrifices and get very rapid fat loss or do you want to do it the easy way and get some slow.

But a steady fat loss entirely your call.

Step one: the earliest part of the weight loss journey

We’re talking about sugar, but most specifically desserts if you want to begin your fat loss journey it begins by starting off or minimizing on dessert, why because it’s got sugar, which is an addictive substance that creates the same reaction in your brain that cocaine does second it got dirty carbohydrates.

Get rid of sugar from diet

Like flour, which are again not meant to be in your system and the third reason is that any dessert has a lot of fat added to it.

Remember this is saying in the cooking world that says that “fat is flavor”, so when you add butter to a dessert that’s what makes that dessert delicious.

Fat is flavor

Julia Child

That’s what people enjoy it’s a combination of these three addictive foods that make desserts very addictive.

If you want to begin your fat loss journey give up on desserts or at least minimize them.

Only eliminating sugar from your diet can lose 2kg in a week.

Step two: Street junk!!

The second thing you want to cut out from your life as an Indian is vegetarian junk food.

unhealthy food for breakfast

Why do I say vegetarian and not non vegetarian junk food, because when you’re eating non-veg junk food your body is going to get some protein macros so some of those calories that you’re consuming some of it is a protein.

But if you’re eating just vegetarian junk food so that’s everything from the cake or mithai on that bring home to your pav bhaji to your vada pav or either the pani puri for any vegetarian junk food dish that you can think of its primarily refined carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrates along with a lot of unhealthy fat, so if you’re a vegetarian and you like eating outside your protocol is to eat a lot of paneer based dishes.

Remember from the Paneer is still getting a little bit of protein. You’re also getting a little bit of added fat from the malai paneer that they used in restaurants in India. But it’s still better than having some vegetarian junk food dish.

So step 2 is eliminating both sugar as well as vegetarian junk foods except for paneer.

If you want more information on healthier restaurant choices you’ve got an article that covers exactly that topic.

Step 3: Better choices

If you want to take the game a little bit further it includes sugar, vegetarian junk foods and making better carbohydrate choices at home.

So there’s some carbohydrates, which are quite safe. That is, complex carbohydrate or low GI carbohydrates and then there’s bad carbohydrates that simple carbohydrates or high GI carbohydrates.

carbohydrates meaning in hindi

Now what makes a complex carb safer, a complex carb is difficult for your body to digest so it keeps you satiated longer and what does satiated mean it basically means that it keeps you full longer.

Now your job at step 3 of fat loss journey is to replace all the simple carbohydrates with all complex carbohydrates which are little safer.

That’s what you got to keep in mind.

Now consider the case of white rice and brown rice suppose if someone who enjoys white rice you need a lot of white rice to make you feel full but when you compare to complex carbohydrate like brown rice that includes the husk of the rice it fills you up much more with a smaller amount and fewer calories and it’s harder for you to digest so treat you full longer that way you end up eating fewer calories.

So if you replace all the simple carbohydrates in your life like a white bread made of white rice, potatoes with complex carbohydrates like brown rice or whole wheat, sweet potatoes you will observe that your energy levels are much higher. You satiated much longer and most importantly, you see a change in body composition.

Why because effectively you’re consuming much lesser calories and still feeling full.

So replace all your simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates at step three of the fat loss and of course you don’t forget the first two step also.

Before we get to the next step keep in mind that up to step three is the protocol you can follow for life.

If you follow these three rules you’ll almost never put on excess weight if you also keep your cheat meals in mind.

When it comes to cheating on your diet, when it comes to eating unhealthy food, there’s a few hacks about getting around that process you can eat what you want and still lose weight.

If you want to know more, check out this cheat meal guide.

Now moving on to step 4 to lose 2kg in a week.

Step 4: The god of fat loss!!

We’re not just talking about elimination the kind of talking about diet protocols.

You guys must have heard of this word called the “Ketogenic diet“.

ketogenic diet pros and cons

I don’t believe in that before, but now after following for this long time I do believe!


That’s my job!!

We’re talking about keto again because it is an effective fat loss diet. Whatever people might argue a lot of people who think that keto isn’t effective and keto isn’t a good and healthy but they don’t have a valid argument.

So I made an entire article on the ketogenic diet.

For you and newbies a keto diet is once again a very low carb diet.

Your carbs can’t be higher than 30 grams a day net carbs all the carbs you get from even your vegetables and those will be your only carb sources for the entire day.

In strict keto that actually works. Your vegetables can only be green leafy vegetables.

You can’t even eat carrots, beetroot all that.

If you want more information on the keto diet; make sure you check out this ketogenic diet article.

I can’t go over all the rules of keto in today’s article.

Remember, if you take up the keto diet, it can be absolutely life-changing. It will make you lose weight very rapidly this is the kind of transformation I had in a matter of two weeks through keto I went 65kgs to 58kgs

Now if you’re someone who doesn’t want to follow a low-carb diet, your other option that is step five.

Step five: Intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting to lose weight

Simply, Intermittent fasting is a protocol where you have to fast for more than 12 hours, ideally 16 hours then eat in the remaining time.

You want more information on it?

Make sure you check out this article on Intermittent fasting and If you who want a detailed guidelines feel free to comment here.

But now let’s talk a little bit about step seven the one I spoke about in the title of this article, how to lose 2kg in a week.

Step six: The fat burning machine!!

This step is all about combining intermittent fasting with a ketogenic diet. The whole point of keto or intermittent fasting and extreme protocol like that is to increase the speed of fat loss.

How to be the fat burning machine

Keto increase your rate of fat loss and so does intermittent fasting and it’s completely safe to combine the two and get a super fast rate of fat loss. You will end up losing 2 kg in a week, if you follow the rules of Intermittent fasting and the rules of keto.

Remember, it’s a very difficult protocol to follow. Combining these already very difficult protocols, but it’s entirely your own.

And the final step I’m going to talk about is in unhealthy at all, it’s only meant for people who want to go for a photo shoot or for people who want to look very slim for a particular function. It is meant for people, primarily if you want to go shirtless or we want to show off a bikini body that’s when you take this up.

Step seven: Crash your system with Crash diet!!

That’s going to be tough for a couple of days and also keep in mind this is a very strict protocol, it is not something I recommend to do without proper knowledge and guidance.

But my job is to put out information out then that’s what I’m going to do.

Healthy diet vs Crash diet

Basically, if you want to get rid of all your water weight, which is what the GM diet is about, you need salt entirely for one or two days, that’s what they do before bodybuilding competitions you combine this with a diuretic pill and a potassium supplement and it saves to do this kind of horrible protocol push.

Basically happens is that the lack of salt combined with the diuretic drained your body of all’s water even water from your cells.

All that is drained so you’re left with paper-thin skin and as people call it.

Remember this is a dangerous situation for being because it’s extreme dehydration for your body not something I recommend.

But it is for someone who wants to look ripped for one photo shoot, this is a temporary solution. This is for those who want to know “how to lose 2kg in a day” not for those who want “how to lose 2kg in a week”

So that’s it guys it is seven steps of fat loss that will help you to lose 2kg in a week.

Share this tips with your friends which, I have spoken in this article. Also teach them “how to lose 2kg in a week”

Which tip you liked most?

To master all these tips and get most out of these rules I have written ebook “Keto Guide for Beginners to advance” which is free for all.

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