3 Keto principles of weight loss that you don't know!!

When it comes to weight loss, the details don't matter much. It is the principles of weight loss that count. Here are the keto principles that you should know if you want to lose weight.

Sources of energy

In order to understand ketosis weight loss, one must understand what fuels the human body uses for energy. When in need of energy, the body can utilize stores of protein, carbohydrates, fat or, under certain circumstances, ketones. Typically, the body stores carbohydrates as short-term glycogen reserves whereas fat is stored for long-term reserve energy as body fat. The body uses a combination of glucose, free fatty acids, and ketones for energy depending on the individual’s diet and activity level. However, for a typical high carbohydrate diet, glucose is used as the primary energy source by the body.

3 Keto principles of weight loss that you don't know!! 1

If glucose becomes scarce, such as in a ketogenic diet, the body must use alternative energy sources to compensate. This increases the production of ketones which also prompts the body to metabolize a combination of ketones and free fatty acids for energy.

Nutrient intake

The four possible sources of calories are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and alcohol. In general, the body uses whatever fuel is most readily available. Since the goal of ketosis weight loss is to use fat as the primary energy source, it follows that carb intake must be kept extremely low. Additionally, the body produces insulin as a response to glucose in the blood. Insulin spikes immediately after eating carbs and prevents fat cells from releasing free fatty acids.

3 Keto principles of weight loss that you don't know!! 2

Water weight loss

Glycogen is stored in the body along with a significant amount of water. As glycogen stores are reduced over the first few days of a ketogenic diet, a significant amount of weight from water loss will occur. For heavier individuals with high-carb diets, this weight can easily represent ten pounds on the scale.

However, this is not actual fat loss, which is why it is extremely important to track other success metrics like body measurements and body fat percentage. For an individual on a CKD Diet, a significant amount of weight can be gained after the carb-loading period but should be lost within 48 hours.

The first step of ketosis weight loss is to make sure you understand these principles. Without this knowledge, it will be very difficult to actually reach ketosis. However, you have taken the first step! Now, make sure to read about ketogenic diet meals and the signs of ketosis to make sure you are able to get to and be able to also recognize when your body has entered a state of ketosis.

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