Most funny tales from a gym

March 6, 2019
    Most funny tales from a gym, powerlifter, gym guy, fitnationplus

    Hello Reader,

    I believe that embarrassing moments are meant to happen for two reasons:

    ONE: To remind you that you're not perfect.

    TWO: To remind you not to take life so seriously. Embarrassing for you means laughter for others and laughter for you in the future.

    “Beware of seriousness: it is a form of stupidity.”

    Alexander Waugh

    Aside from laughing at other’s tales, something else that’s funny is that we all get embarrassed by things that happen in the gym.

    So before you try to crawl into a hole, realize that everyone at some time or another has had an embarrassing moment during a workout.

    Here are some moments you face when you lift heavy!!!

    When you are a girl who lifts heavy

    Barbells, powerlifter, gym guy, fitnationplus,
    Guy fears
    Most funny tales from a gym, powerlifter, gym guy, fitnationplus, girl turned into man

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    Tales of the Powerlifter

    Most funny tales from a gym 1
    Most funny tales from a gym 2
    Most funny tales from a gym 3
    Most funny tales from a gym 4
    Most funny tales from a gym 5

    Aesthetics doesn't matter

    Aesthetics doesn't matter, powerlifter story

    You're benching my total, you strong boy.

    Strongest guy in gym, stronger than you

    Don't want to injure yourself, you know?

    Powerlifters resting in between sets, comic, irritated guy
    30 minutes rest, 30 min rest, powerlifting rest

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    Post leg day soreness should be considered a disability

    Leg day, leg soreness, squat soreness, disability, legs day meme


    Ego lifting, ego powerlifting, ego above all, squat with ego, squat

    Have you seen super heavyweight cross-fitter?

    Super heavyweight guy, heavyweight powerlifter, gym story, bulking, cross fit, full range of motion, pull up

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    Comment your tales from gym.

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