Online Training: is it value for money?

This guide will definitely help you to choose between Personal Training vs Online Training.

You have to decide

You have to decide between online trainer and Personal trainer

I think your decision relies upon what you're searching for, and your current level of:

  • health and fitness
  • involvement in exercise
  • self discipline and the need for external authority
  • how much you want to spend

Beginning with the initial two.

Wellness and involvement in exercise. The chance that you are commonly fit, and have some involvement in exercise.

You are engaged in at least one exercise before (biking, running, yoga, bodyweight, light hand loads, jumprope) then that is less harder for you.

Read more: What is fitness??

Fundamentally all things considered, as you get better in fitness and frequency of working out, you simply require somebody to help, give you a program, or set of plans, alternative exercises and essential Q&A training.

This will be your second most affordable choice.

Most affordable alternative is to get pure online experience with no coaching component.

At advance levels you need......

As you turn out to be further levels, you'll require increasingly intense or advance training stages.

At that stage you should consult with experts and get further plans.

Back to self-discipline and motivation.

This is where the online coaching can be great for some, and a huge disaster for others.

As you progress in your workout you need a personal trainer or a online consultant

Know yourself!!

First: “know yourself.” Are you Intrinsically motivated (from within) or Extrinsically motivated (from outside/others)?

There is no right answer. No shame in being extrinsically motivated.

Need of motivation

Those are the people who need someone to be expecting them to be at the gym or meet for the early morning run, or meet at the pool, and also the ones who need to have a personal trainer there to count backwards from 20, and encourage them with girl, boy you can do it! With enthusiasm.

Do you need a external motivation?

If you are get motivated from others and you're not very much focus on your goals then you required a Personal Trainer.

He will there when you do workout and encourage you to do and get results for you.

Remember, with an online trainer you won’t have much of a chance to ask about body position, form and technique.

Therefore our online trainers encourage you to video parts of your workout and they give you feedback live or via email.

Increase your motivation.

You don't need a trainer

If you are self motivated person then you won't required any trainer. You should only consult when you are not seeing any progress.

You just need your internet. Open any good site and educate yourself.

For self motivated person Online Training is best and budget friendly option for you.

Let me tell you about pros and cons.

Like other things online personal trainer also have some pros and cons.

Let me tell you about pros and cons


More affordable.

One-on-one sessions with a trainer can cost thousands of rupees over the course of just a week.

With online training you can get the same level of knowledge for a fraction of the cost.

If you do the maths the cost difference between the two methods of training is huge.

Based on an average cost of 500 for a one hour ‘1 to 1’ session from Personal trainer, a yearly outgoing could be:-

  • 12 × 500 = 6000 a month (considered 12 sessions a week)
  • 6000 × 12 = 72000 a year

That is a big amount of money, and almost 10 times as much as most online training will cost.

Workout on your time.

There is nothing worse than not being able to meet up with your trainer because they are booked when you are available (or vice-versa), causing you both to have to schedule a session at an uncomfortable time.

Example: 5:30am in the dead of winter is a horrendous time to peel yourself out of the bed for a workout.

Benefits of online training


With online training your workouts for each week are laid out and available to you 24/7. If you are motivated by energy of the gym, complete it there.

If you feel more comfortable in the privacy of your house, got for it in the garage or living room.

Nobody is there to insist on anything different.

Better focus.

In my experience I've seen clients actually do better with online programs than when working in person.

I attribute this to their focusing on doing their best so to hit their marks when they submit their progress each week. It makes a huge difference to see the number on the paper and compare them over time!

Cream of the Crop Selection

Sadly, sometimes when you work with a local trainer, you don't always get the best trainer.

Benefits of online training 2

But when you search for your trainer online, you have the control to chose a trainer who not only knows their stuff, but who also meshes well with your personality.

Imagine if you were stronger girl looking to hit your next PR (personal record), but was working with a pilates focused trainer. The matchup doesn't really serve you, right?


If you are a person who needs the hands on type of coaching that requires the presence of your trainer to complete the workout, online training isn't for you.

If you lack motivation, online training isn't for you.

Lack of motivation??

If you have never exercised before in your entire life, online training may be a better choice after having worked with a personal trainer in person to understand exercises.

Then not for you!!

Cons of online trainer

BUT, with all that said, you could still opt for online training with the use of video.

That way your online trainer can be right there with you watching from the other side of the screen.

Online training works really well for someone that really knows the equipment in the gym.

This is foundation

The basic movements you want to know is the squat, bench press, Bentover rows and lat pull down or pull up & Deadlift.

These big movements are the foundation of any great fitness program.

If you’re new to the gym or working out I would recommend hiring a personal trainer to help you get started.

Cons of online trainer 2

Many people have a ton of muscle imbalances from sitting all day in the car or at the office.

Today this industry of online personal training is ending up increasingly popular, serving more customers consistently.

As a rule people simply don't have enough time to visit gym and invest hours there to get an ideal shape.

In any case, working out at home isn't generally the best arrangement when you are lazy or simply don't have the slightest idea where to begin.

Is Personal Training option better for you??

I can provide you best and verified Personal Trainer at your place, home or near by gym.

Personal Trainer at your place

Why Personal Training is expensive?

First thing, As stated before, gyms really take A LOT of money out of the trainers pocket by charging commissions.

We're not making that much money

The trainer is really not making a terrible amount of money from what is being charged.

Second thing is...

The actual skill set that goes with the price.

Trust me when I say that understanding personal training is a very valuable and sought after skill.

Pay for skills

When done properly, it’s actually a very taxing (but also a very rewarding) job.

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.

Wilbur Wright

It is a personal trainers job to understand each and every clients body; their metabolic tendencies, muscular imbalances, strength levels, goals, health history, cardiovascular health, diet, mental hurdles that have caused them to fail previously

Personal Trainers often work with a specific niche, in which they aspire to excell. Or get more credentials in order to be able to make more money. Some go as far as Ph.D in Sports Science or becoming a registered dietician, etc.

How to get online training?

How to get online training?

There are lots of websites and apps which will provide you free or cheaper online training services.

Almost all of them are automated bots.

Where templates are already made which they distribute according to your goal.

But they don't have human presence and also they not that much personalized.

So how do you get best service for you??

How can I choose between online training services??

How can I choose between online training services??
  • Check their certifications.
  • See how they deliver their service.
    • Eg. Email, Own website, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Check their plans and compare according to the your goals and budget.
  • If you got personalized trainer then check their identity proof.

Here in Fitnationplus, we provide certified and verified fitness experts online that will always there for you.

Summery: online training vs Personal training

For choosing between Online Training and Personal Training ask yourself following questions.

Answers will lead you to decision.

Online Training vs Personal training by Fitnationplus

Do I know basic exercises?

If your answer is yes, then you need online trainer. Else you need a personal trainer

Do I need external motivation?

Are you a lazy person then you definitely need Personal Trainer.

You get motivation from other people then you need Personal Trainer

Else you should hire online trainer.

How much I can spend?

If your budget allows you to spend on Personal Training then I will recommend you to go for it.

If your budget is low then low then go for online training.

Am I a Sports athlete?

If your answer is No, then you need online trainer. Else you need a personal trainer

Do I have any injuries?

If your answer is no, then you can hire online trainer. Else you need a personal trainer

What have you decided between online training and personal training??


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