Trek to Harishchandragad: Magic of Ketones

After lots of yes no we finally decided to go to the trek. I am going to the Harishchandragad almost after 6 years.

The Harishchandragad

Harishchandragad is a hill fort in the Ahmednagar region of India. Its history is connected with that of Malshej Ghat.

Mountains from Khireshvar
Mountains from Khireshvar

The fort is quite historic. Its origin is said to have been within the sixth century. Harishchandragard is situated at 4,665 ft above sea level.

Due to the excitement I can't sleep the whole night.

My diet plan

I had 4 eggs Omelette & 1 cup Tea. I have decided to not to eat any type of Carbohydrates & protein till we reach on top of the Harishchandragad. You can say I'm doing little fat fast.

I'm on the Ketogenic diet (a natural diet of humans) for the last 8-9 months. That's why to challenge me and use those ketones easily, I have decided to go on fat fast.

It started...

We left home at 5:30 am.

We got bus around 6-6:15am from Kalyan. I'm feeling very sleepy at this time. Therefore, I slept for a while.

We reach at Khubi phata at 8:30 am

There we just had tea. After refreshing we started to walk at 8:45am. At starting I felt drowsy, fatigue and lethargy. But as soon as we reached Khireshver I am at my full energy and feeling fresh.

We reach at Khireshver at 9:30 am.

Ketones kicked in

Now energy is running in my veins. I'm 100% active at that time. I have no fatigue. My heart and lungs are not exhausted. My hunger is totally suppressed.

We decided to go faster and without any break.

We reached Tolar khind 11:30 am.

Tolar khind or Vaghobachi Khind (टोलार खिंड / वाघोबाची‌ खिंड)
Tolar khind or Vaghobachi Khind (टोलार खिंड / वाघोबाची‌ खिंड)

There we have taken 5 minutes of break and clicked some photos. Father eat some fruits and I eat some butter.

Then we started to walk further.

Father is getting bored because of my continues talk about fitness related stuff.

Now also I am feeling high on energy but legs are starting to hurt. Still, I am not exhausted.

Now I am getting little exhausted and bored. Sun is soaking everything I have. My legs, specifically calves are paining too much. Breathing is increased. Energy levels are normal.


Plateau of Harishchandragad
Plateau of Harishchandragad

Finally, we reached on top of the Harishchandragad at 1 pm.

The top of the Harishchandragad is very beautiful place with chilled atmosphere. This place is now getting better but getting commercialized. Now this plateau have 6-7 small tent like hotels.

But there is a big issue here, on top of the Harishchandragad they don't have any non veg food available.

No worries!!

We have already brought some boiled eggs and some nuts. After eating, we refreshed little bit and went to the Taramati peak at 2:30pm.

Beauty of Taramati

Taramati peak is the highest peak of the Harishchandragad and This is the Fourth Highest Peak in Maharashtra State. Its height is 4695 ft above sea level.

Taramati Peak
Taramati Peak

My legs are hurting too much therefore I don't want to go to Taramati. But I forced myself to go because I haven't seen it before.

The way to Taramati is very narrow and very quiet with dense forest.

This way to Taramati is little tough compared to previous route. On this way there is Rocky patch there you have to take care while climbing.

We reached at 4:00 pm on top of the Taramati.

It's awesome plateau. It has one flag on top of it. We are only two on that plateau that day. From here you can see almost whole Harishchandragad and Kokan kada.

We clicked some pictures after roaming around, we left to the Harishchandragad plateau again.

Tea is life

Indian tea on plateau of Harishchandragad
Indian tea on plateau of Harishchandragad

We reached to the Harishchandragad at 5:00 pm after taking tea and relaxing we went to Kokan kada.

We have to see Sunset at Kokan kada therefore we are walking as fast as we can.

It takes almost 30 minutes to reach there and reached there at 5:45. Because of legs are hurting our speed is getting slower.

What's the Rush!!

Ah!? What's the Rush!!

I guess all trekkers from Maharashtra came here today to watch Kokan kada. There is no space left for sitting and watching the sunset peacefully.

We went away from this crowd and settled down in some less crowded area.

Trek to Harishchandragad: Magic of Ketones 1
Kokankada (कोकणकडा)

Kokankada is a very windy place. If you throw down anything like a paper, it floats and come back.

But that day there is very less wind. The atmosphere is hot.

Kokankada: The gem of Harishchandragad

After some time we finally watched the beautiful sunset.

Then we went to the Harishchandragad plateau there we decided to stay in the caves of the temple.

Trek to Harishchandragad: Magic of Ketones 2
Temple of Harishchandreshwar (हरिश्चंद्रेश्वर)

After taking little rest we had dinner & tea around 7 pm and went to sleep at 8 pm.

And this happened

I suddenly woke up at 1 am. Father already awake.

At the time of sleeping surrounding temperature is normal, but at 1 am temperature dropped.

We both are freezing because of a cold. We haven't expected that much of a cold. We don't have any more warm clothes. I wear one more pants still I am frozen.

Freezing cold

Father torched fire at the corner of the cave, then the temperature of cave slightly increased. We fall asleep again.

That was very freezing night in my life. My leg pain was increased because of the cold. I can't sleep also!!

Start to descend

Next day we woke up at 7 am after getting ready to descend and after drinking tea we left to descend at 8 am.

Temple of Kedareshver (केदारेश्वर) 2
Temple of Kedareshver (केदारेश्वर)

I want to sleep more because of cool atmosphere and walk of yesterday.

With lots of struggles I finally get out of the bed.

At the time of starting our speed was slow, then after some time we increased our speed. We have to go down faster before the sun comes over the head.

Descend from plateau

Today also I feel lethargic at the start. But when ketones kicked in my energy went to the roof.

Then we Increased our speed.Father was eating biscuits or fruits after small intervals.

Because the energy coming from those carbohydrates is not staying for long.

Finally, we reached Tolar khind at 10 am. We're before time. We took less time than we expected.

So we decided to increase speed more.

Shoe bite

We haven't exhausted yet. Of course, my legs are hurting. And worst than that, I was having a shoe bite.

Shoe bite is worst this that happens to you while trekking.

Shoe bite

Most often shoe bites are a direct result of wearing ill fitted shoes that do not allow your feet to breathe!

Tight and ill fitting shoes rub against the skin surface, and lead to scars, blisters and pain.

You will find it hard to walk or wear such shoes.

With those hurting legs we reached Khireshver at 11 am

Thaaat relief

Relief from shoe bite

I removed my shoes and wore flip flops.

The road of Khireshver to Khubi phata is flat. Therefore you don't need any special shoes there

That feeling when removed my shoes is like freed from jail.

Sun is releasing heat. We almost get exhausted. That path of 45min looks like endless path.

We took 1.5 hours to reach at Khubi phata.

We reached Khubi phata at 12:30 pm.

Feast time

Feast after trek

Then we decided to eat there. There are lot of hotels near Khubi Phata.

And guess what!?

These hotels have non veg food.

After this long walk you need some delicious food.

I have eaten omelettes. Really this hotel have very tasty food and tea also!!

With satisfaction of completing the trek we reached home around 4 pm.

What should you do next?

Harishchandragad is really peaceful place to go.

If you have any experience of trekking or if you have active lifestyle you should go Harishchandragad at least once.

If you don't have any experience start with a small one day treks then go for Harishchandragad.

Fitness for enjoying your life

Fitness for enjoying your life

Fun activities like trekking required some amount of physical preparedness.

If you have active lifestyle you can enjoy your life without any fatigue and diseases.

Ketones for endurance

Trekking is endurance activity.

Harishchandragad approximately have 8 hours of walk.

Ketones for endurance

Ketogenic diet offers everything an endurance athlete could dream of

Ketones gives you sustainable energy compared to glucose.

Endurance activity drains glucose from your body very fast and then there is possiblity of getting low blood sugar levels and fast exhaustion.

Ketogenic diet have many more benefits to your body

Click here to know more about Ketogenic diet.


Trek to Harishchandragad: Magic of Ketones 3
Trek to Harishchandragad: Magic of Ketones 4
Trek to Harishchandragad: Magic of Ketones 5

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Have you done any trek before this??

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