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Fitnationplus is the house of fitness professionals where we allow everyone to share their knowledge. If you wish to part of Fitnationplus and want to contribute through writing articles for us, then please read the following guidelines: (We will surely accept articles on Vegan. Write for us article on vegan and you will surely get a chance to contribute to our website)

  • Article Length: We believe, for good and well informative article, article length should be a minimum of 800+ words. Please make sure your article has a minimum word count of 800+ words.
  • Article Topic: Article Topic should be health-related like disease, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health, or exercise-related. Out of topic articles will be rejected immediately. (Write for us on Vegan Diet)
  • Link:– We are allowing one do-follow link branding in the whole article. You are allowed to put your website link anywhere in the article. All image citation links will be no-follow.
  • Tone: Compelling, and positive.
  • Write For Reader: Write in a manner that expresses your own personality and voice. That way people can better connect to the writer.
  • Make Reader-Friendly: Decorate your post by giving headings, subheadings and give bold fonts for key sentences. Use bullets points where ever necessary.
  • No irrelevant Links: – No irrelevant link will be allowed. So link in the article should be relevant to a website or article.
  • Credit:  Please give credit to individual work wherever necessary. This goes for the image as well.
  • Image + Video: Please add an image or video to your article, as you might know, images speak a lot.
  • No Affiliate link: We do not allow affiliate links anywhere inside the article as this may harm our website reputation.
  • Copyright: Please do not submit any guest post copied from another blog. we will never publish any such article. If we found you doing this, we will immediately ban you from our site. We respect other people's work and so you should.

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If you missed this: (We will surely accept articles on Vegan Write for us article on Vegan diet and you will surely get a chance to contribute to our website)